SEE Marketplace| New Life! Easter 春天新生命(复活节)

SEE Marketplace| New Life! Easter 春天新生命(复活节)

April is a season of new life and renewal. With a heart of gratitude and fresh breath, we step into this time of gladness for work and play. We celebrate this wonderful season together at the SEE Marketplace on 9 April with food, joy and fun. Come join us!

They’re back…Returning vendors such as Shanghai Young Bakers, Dot Dot Cookies, Happy Mum’s Creations definitely give us foodies something to look forward to! 受大家热烈欢迎的摊主们又会参加四月的喜乐汇哦。吃货们期待吧~

Dutch Style Pies will also be making their first time appearance at the SEE Marketplace. Hooray for pie lovers! 


Our creative vendors will also be bringing us their specially designed items. 创意派的设计师也会给我们带来独特的饰品。

The SEE (Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurs) Marketplace is not just your averagemarketplace. SEE Marketplace is a platform for social enterprises and localentrepreneurs to share their goods and stories with the Shanghai community. It takes place monthly at Metro Town.


Shop responsibility while supporting our meaningful social enterprises and charities such as Shanghai Young Bakers, Fair2Care, Chi Heng Foundation and others!


Easter at the SEE Marketplace is definitely something worth looking forward to. Remember to mark it down in your calendar! 春天新生命(复活节)主题的喜乐汇的确值得大家期待的一天,一定要把它记在日历哦~
WHEN:9 April 2016 (SEE Marketplace takes place every month)

14May/ 11 June/ 9 July

TIME:11am till 5.30pm

WHERE:Metro Town B1

(No.890 Changning Road - near Zhongshan Park, Metroline 2, 3, 4 Zhongshan Park Exit3)


514/611/ 79

活动地点:中山公园玫瑰坊B1 中庭



地铁234号线中山公园站 3号出口

Interested in becoming part of the SEE Community? We would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at seemarket@qq.com